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Music Delivery Service Play MPE Launches Mobile App

Music promotion and delivery service, Play MPE, has launched the latest version of its full-service mobile app. Available for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems, the app provides releases from major record labels and well as independent labels and artists, allowing access to promotional content to radio programmers wherever they may be.

“Play MPE has become synonymous with providing tastemakers with the means to discover new, interesting music from around the world,” CEO Fred Vandenberg said in a release. “Our position in our industry is unique, in that we have remained focused on furthering our product, adding new features that improve efficiencies. We are shaping how our customers think of digital distribution.”

Extending and expanding its web-based service, the new Play MPE app brings functionality for radio programmers and other music professionals to their smartphones, including Google Chromecast/Airplay capabilities, allowing streaming of tracks onto large screens and offering optimized streaming speeds for a “frictionless listening experience.” Music can be searched based on format, making it easier for broadcasters to find what they’re looking for, while collections can be created by flagging favorite tracks, and creating playlists and custom libraries within the app. It also offers easy access to promotional material with links to artist information, tour dates and album art through the user’s smartphone.