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Developed by Destiny Media Technologies Inc., Play MPE® connects content from the world's largest major and independent labels, artists, promoters and managers to thousands of music's top tastemakers and curators.

Fred Vandenberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Play MPE®. Since joining Play MPE 14 years ago, Fred has ...

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Zeynep Yasar
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Play MPE Expands Its Team to Bring Innovation to Content Distribution and Promotion

Play MPE is proud to announce the expansion of its tech team, including Sergei Berenson, the company’s new Director of Engineering, and Vikas Rajput, Senior Product Manager. 

“We are committed to super-serving our customers. Having a strong tech foundation is essential to achieving that,” explains Play MPE CEO Fred Vandenberg. “We’re recruiting creative and bright technological talents to continue to push our products to the next level.”

In an industry where technology and user experience are critical ,“We want to make content discovery and curation workflow feel effortless,” Vandenberg notes. 

The expanded tech team also includes three developers with extensive software development and testing experience, software developer Nasrin Shirali, frontend developer Rimika Datta, and Ashutosh Pandey, backend developer who brings machine learning expertise to the team. They will be led by Berenson, whose experience in leading development teams at technology companies like Autodesk, POF and Koho, a successful Fintech company based in Toronto, will further support the company’s growth. 

“My ability to strategize a technological vision and implement complex solutions to advanced products will move the company towards its growth plans,” says Berenson. “I am looking forward to delivering quality products that set Play MPE apart from their competitors and establishes the company as the leading music collaboration platform.”

The expansion of Play MPE’s team also includes new Senior Product Manager, Vikas Rajput. Over the last fifteen years Rajput has headed a variety of entertainment and SaaS projects, including work on digital production and effects for international blockbusters. 

“By joining the Play MPE team, I intend to shape our existing platform to provide features like no other existing solution provider,” enthuses Rajput. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to help take the company to the next phase and be a part of an already proven business.